IoT Networks

Taxi data
FCD fleet monitoring and management
Tracking of BT-enabled devices for mobility patterns extraction
Monitoring of trains for estimation of expected time of arrival to stations and level crossings
Traffic Lights
Traffic lights status and time to change monitoring for speed advice provision
Conventional Detectors
Volume, speed and occupancy monitoring for traffic status monitoring
Bike-sharing infrastructure monitoring

Cooperative ITS applications

Cooperative mobility services for passenger transport
Speed advice (LTE) and road hazard warning (G5)
Cooperative mobility services for freight transport: speed advice (LTE)
Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)
Multimodal cooperative safety services at level crossings
Galileo For Mobility
Implementation of a MaaS ride sharing service

Modelling & Simulation


Equilibrium Convergence
Transportation Systems Modelling
Multi-scale Network Modelling

Software & Know-How

  • [A] Aimsun advanced edition (micro)
  • [S] SUMO
  • [V] VISUM
  • [v] VISSIM
  • [M] Matlab (agent-based)
  • [A] Thessaloniki multimodal urban and peri-urban arterial corridors (signalized)
  • [A] Thessaloniki’s City Center and Ring Road
  • [S] Thessaloniki multimodal urban and periurban network
  • [S] Basic freeway with merge segment (hypothetical network)
  • [V] Detailed large-scale multimodal network of Thessaloniki
  • [V], [v], [M] other networks: Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Nicosia, Athens, Sioux Falls…
  • [A] & [v] 2nd generation bus lanes, bike lanes, pedestrianization
  • [A] & [S] C-ITS services (GLOSA…)
  • [S] Autonomous driving (transition: driver behaviour, traffic management, V2X communication protocols)
  • [V] 4-step model including (car, bus, taxi, bike, walk, P&R); SUMP
  • [M] agent-based taxi modelling (taxi operation, information sharing)


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Fleet Management
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Asset Rebalancing
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C-ITS enabled traffic management

Dashboards for monitoring and decision making

Thessaloniki Mobility Dashboard
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Galileo for Mobility

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Traffic Thess Reports

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Social Activity in Thessaloniki, Greece

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Electric Scooters Data Analysis

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AI for prediction, knowledge extraction and value generation

Traffic status prediction
Algorithm TRANSFOR19
ETA (Safer-LC)
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Bike Demand
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Taxi Trips
Taxi users demand profile extraction from historical data
Facebook Check-ins
Taxi users demand prediction from external sources
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Videos: recreation of traffic status evolution during events

Traffic conditions in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece during heavy rain on 10 May 2018
Traffic conditions in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece during snowfall on 10 & 11 Jan 2017
Kordelio evacuation 12-02-2017

Real-world testbeds

Cooperative ITS

Smart cities and data analytics

Innovative mobility services